B2B Portal Development

Rule the industry with a B2B Portal

A B2B portal is a platform, where businesses advertise their listing and seeing people relying on internet to buy anything, B2B portals are really successful if these are made SEO friendly, high functionality and under unique strategy. We have experienced developers who already developed several B2B Portals. Presently, online B2B web portals are mainly esteemed as a good source of providing organizations with a global platform for their products and services in various search engines with the aim of raising productivity and functional efficiency. So, for providing you an excellent service, Web Tech Exports is emerged with B2B Web Development company that assists in raising customer awareness and creates more visitant traffic especially for your business.

Types Of B2B Portal

Supplier Portal

Supplier Oriented Marketplace is set up by multiple suppliers and such an online marketplace is meant to function as a means to sell products to numerous business entities. In this model, a supplier can set the price of the product based on the buyers’ requirements. Brand reputation and goodwill is essential to achieve success with this form of B2B business.

Buyer Portal

Buyer Oriented Marketplace focuses on a buyer-oriented model and it centers on the needs and preferences of the individual buyers. It is mostly suited for large corporations having sufficient purchasing power as it enables them to manage bulk volume purchases. An online portal is set up and managed by the buying enterprise so that it can get quotes from the sellers.

Intermediary Portal

Intermediary Oriented Marketplace or E-exchange portal is a model through which buyers and sellers can establish a line of communication and manage transactions with each other. The owners and managers of intermediary oriented marketplaces keep a track of the buyers and sellers so that they can easily earn revenue from such interactions.

B2B Portal Development Features

Admin Features

Manage all products, categories, Import/Export, Orders, Content, Advertise, Banners, Manage users, Discount offers, Coupons.

All Product / Categories Listing

Enable businesses to manage products their own way through various options of product listings and categorization.

User Features

Manage profile, Login/Registration, Forgot Password, Email verification, Buyer or Supplier Account and many more.

Newsletters and Latest news

The latest news feature will enable the B2B portal users to promote businesses through activities that has done online and offline.

Feature Products

Businesses would look for a B2B feature that will enable them to promote their products, existing or new ones, & corresponding perks.

Discount Coupon

Perks and discount offered from one business to another should be well-validated in order to ensure authenticity and prevent losses in a company.

Payment Option

Payments done in a B2B portal must be the most convenient and fast process as this is where the dealings truly matter.

Spam detection

Fake information and scams should be eliminated in an ideal B2B portal by setting controls and detection of such occurrence.

Compare Products

The existence of many businesses in a B2B portal allows comparison of products and services where a company arrives at the best choice.


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